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Frequently Asked Questions

We receive a steady flow of applications to join us here in the recruitment centre at VeriSmart.

Everybody has questions before they fully pursue their new career with us. For clarity we have listed some of the more frequently asked questions here together with the answers. We can't cover every question so please just ask and your query will be handled quickly and personally by our recruitment team.

Questions from potential licensees

How big will my territory be and is it exclusive to me?

Yes, your VeriSmart territory is exclusive. You will be the only person with access to our bespoke system and support in the agreed territory. The size of the territory is typically a large town and surrounding population. You will have a concentration of Agents to work with, who cover lettings around your territory.

Would I be the Business Owner and Clerk to start with?

Absolutely, then when you are approaching capacity you can put forward a new clerk for training or ask us to assist you in recruiting clerks in your area.

After I've paid the agreed License fee, what are my costs?

Costs are negligible as you can run your business from home. You will need to have a desktop PC or laptop (MAC is NOT compatible with our systems) a digital camera and a smartphone. Licensees have the option to contract hire a fully liveried VeriSmart car at a very affordable rate from our partners at VW Breeze. You will pay monthly royalties at 10% of income but you will pay nothing for the first 3 months following launch of your business, to help you establish your business.

Can I talk to some existing Licensees?

Certainly. We encourage new Business Owners to talk to existing Licensees and we can happily give you a list of contacts. Afterall they had the same questions as you do upon starting up a VeriSmart franchise business.

What training do I get?

Everyone receives the same VeriSmart training and it is included in your Licence fee. You will benefit from one to one online tutor training, followed by several days practical hands-on coaching, and subsequent sales and Business Growth programmes. All designed to maximise your potential. VeriSmart will be dedicated to your success.

After training how long before I earn money on average?

Our aim is to get you up and running as soon as possible. We would usually expect within 2 months from completion of training. One of our new business trainers will come to your territory to open up clients with you and assist you through your initial tasks.

Could I own more than one area?

Yes, if you feel able to manage and maximise two adjacent areas we will be happy to agree a discounted price on the second area.

Can I sell the business in the future?

Yes to another party that is proved suitable by VeriSmart. We will transfer the License for 10% of the sale price you have agreed.

Do I have to meet any targets?

At the outset of your Business Growth Programme module, you are encouraged to set out your future goals and VeriSmart will be dedicated to helping you achieve them. It is in everyone's interests to get your business running successfully asap. After month three of trading, we impose a minimum monthly payment of £200 (or 10% of turnover whichever is the greater). We need to see that you are maximising your opportunities and furthering the VeriSmart brand in the area.

If I choose not to take the VeriSmart vehicle will you discount the licensee fee?

Unfortunately No. Apart from the VeriSmart vehicles being great reliable transport we see them more as a tool to grow our brand and presence in your area. We include paying the initial deposit as we see it as an expenditure on advertising. If you don't utilise the offer we will need to spend that money in another way to help you quickly build your business.

Can I take a car in the deal but keep it plain, no livery or logos?

Yes you can, though in this scenario we would not fund the initial deposit, as we are not benefitting from any increased brand awareness in your area. The use of the liveried cars is a very good and economical way to advertise your presence and ability to service the clients who will all notice these vehicles.

I have friends around the UK, can I put them forward as licensees?

Of course yes. We operate a referral scheme whereby you will be paid a commission for successful introductions, simply because recommended people are often great for us and, if you introduce someone, you've saved us time and expense in marketing.

What if I need funding to purchase the license?

If you require startup business funding we suggest that you borrow the agreed license fee plus another £5k to see you through the early weeks of training and working within your territory. We have details of companies who have aided some of our Licensees with their initial startup loans.