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What is VeriSmart?

  • Your own ready-made franchised business within the UK's surging and recession-proof rental property industry.
  • Proven and repeatedly successful business model, piloted and tested.
  • Nationwide organisation with the country's most recognised brand.
  • Largest licensed business in the smart inventory sector.

What's included?

  • Exclusive geographical and postcode territory.
  • Transferable Franchise Agreement facilitating a family income for life.

Many of our licensees are earning well over £100K per annum, although depending on your needs and the exclusive area, we would expect and support you in gaining a typical income of between £50K and £100K per annum. Achieving more is very realistic for those who desire to.

Choose the level of investment and income potential to achieve the lifestyle you desire! That's a VeriSmart choice!

Your VeriSmart exclusive territory

There are so many elements to a successful business model. The format must lead to proven and then repeatable duplication of profitable business. One of the main cornerstones of your secured business is your own VeriSmart and exclusive territory.

Each individual exclusive territory will be negotiated as part of your bespoke license agreement. A licensee may choose to own 2 or more adjacent territories, each creating a healthy income. VeriSmart indeed.

VeriSmart training and ongoing support

Our unrivalled training along with head office support means you are not only trained to the highest available standard within the industry, but are also supported by other licensees and a highly experienced and responsive helpdesk in achieving whatever business goals you've set.

A full and comprehensive training package includes:

  • Home study programme with dedicated mentor together with 1:1 hands-on coaching with an approved trainer.
  • Dragon Dictation training and bespoke software.
  • Exclusive Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS), Legionella, Smoke and CO Safety training, PAT testing.

Also Included:

  • Technology starter pack
  • Own exclusive and localised VeriSmart webpage.
  • Online booking system (Mobile friendly).
  • Tailored Business Growth Programmes
  • Continued Sales and Marketing in your area.
  • Business cards and a starter bundle of marketing items.
  • Full colour brochures to demonstrate your competitive edge.
  • Sustained IT Helpdesk support

VeriSmart training

The training consists of home study followed by one-to-one hands-on coaching with an approved trainer within properties provided by some of our local agents, giving you an authentic experience of how to conduct work once back in your own exclusive territory.

Once certification is awarded you will be of a high standard to meet that which your clients will expect from your VeriSmart inventories

Your VeriSmart next move

Get in touch now if you want to join us, we are recruiting in all parts of the country. Use the Contact Us link to make one VeriSmart move.

For eligibility on a Government backed start-up here

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VeriSmart is fabulous! Running my own business, with my brother next door and being part of a larger "family" business structure has offered me opportunities I could never have foreseen and with all the support I could hope for.

We've now grown to a team of 5 and we are still just getting warmed up!

Faye Harper, London South East

Starting your own business is not for the faint of heart, but I did so in the knowledge that in VeriSmart I was buying into a well-established brand with a strong market presence and powerful selling points of unrivalled technology and outstanding product quality.

It was the best business decision I've ever made.

Tristan Wainwright, Oxfordshire

VeriSmart gave me the perfect good value start-up business opportunity in my hometown. In 4 years I've expanded the business and now have a fully trained team and a team leader helping me.

The IT support from head office is invaluable both practically day-to-day and by ensuring we stay ahead of the market with our brand, VeriSmart.

The best of both worlds.... Independence plus a support team when I need it.

Ann Evans, Dorset